Albion taps new town manager

Article by Matt Getts of the News Sun.

It’s a town headed in the right direction.

And Stefan Wynn wants to help make it better.

Wynn, 30, of Plymouth has accepted an offer from the Albion Town Council to be its next town manager. Wynn was expected to be in town Thursday, but his first day of work will be Feb. 22.

A graduate of Culver Military Academy in 2003, Wynn did his undergraduate studies at Florida Gulf Coast. he received his master’s in public affairs/administration from Indiana University at South Bend in 2013.

When he saw Albion was looking for a new town manager, he was immediately intrigued.

“I saw a town centered around lakes, like where I grew up,” said Wynn, who grew up in Osceola and Culver. “I think it will make a good fit for us.”

Wynn and his wife, Autumn, have two daughters, ages 8 and 4 months.

He said Albion is already a great place.

“It’s on the cusp of being even better,” he said.

As for his role as town manager, he described the town council as being the architect with the vision for the town. He said he is like an engineer, the person who turns the council’s vision into a reality.

“I am definitely a people person,” he said. “I’m outgoing.”

He said one of his first goals is to get more participation from residents in civic events, such as town council meetings.

Prior to taking the job of town manager, Wynn has been serving as the executive assistant to the chief executive officer who operates a chain of convenience stores. He said that job is similar to what his new duties will be since his job was to put into action the vision of the CEO.

Wynn’s family lives on a centennial farm in Plymouth. He plans on selling the home and moving to Albion.

His hobbies include hunting and fishing and music, particularly the trumpet.

He has worked with disadvantaged youth and is a part vice chairman of the St. Joseph County Republican Party.