Strategic Priorities

Objective: Diversify Noble County’s Economic Base

Why the Objective is Important: Develop a more diverse economic environment for Noble County to decrease risk exposure.

Key Actions:

Encourage and educate existing industries on diversification opportunities
Pro-actively recruit industries which will diversify our economic base
Develop an eco-system for Entrepreneurs

Objective: Strengthen Collaboration throughout the County

Why the Objective is Important: Increased collaboration and alignment of resources which will lead to economic growth.

Key Actions:

Encourage and help facilitate the creation of a Noble County Vision
Assist in the education of elected officials and key stakeholders as it relates to Economic Development
Encourage and facilitate collaboration between local chambers
Support and enhance the efforts of the Noble County Convention and Visitors Bureau 

Objective: Expand Marketing and Communication Efforts

Why the Objective is Important: Increased communications with Site Selectors, Industries and Key Stakeholders, which may create more opportunities for growth in Noble County.

Key Actions:

Support the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership
Continue to develop relationships with Noble County Industries
Enhance the NCEDC website
Develop and implement a fully integrated Marketing and Communication Plan

Objective: Diversify the Funding Stream of the Noble County EDC

Why the Objective is Important: Better balance of private/public financial support to NCEDC operations.

Key Actions:

Identify potential funding sources by analyzing beneficiaries of EDC’s services.
Investigate and capitalize on opportunities to share resources with like-minded entities.
Continue to seek grant support for special projects